Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to Roast Garlic

I want to take the mystery out of "roasting garlic".  It is such a simple thing to do and the results will make your taste buds go wild!  

Roasted garlic is mild tasting, unlike it's former raw self, smooth like butter and absolutely delightful!

Preparation takes about 5 minutes.  Then you can go do laundry, read a book, paint a masterpiece...whatever you want, just let it do it's thing in the oven/toaster oven for about 40 minutes.  
After it cools down, you'll take about another 5 minutes (or less) to squeeze out the pulp and store it in the fridge.

There are a gazillion things you can do with it...just to name a few:

Make the most amazing guacamole EVER!
Mix a couple of spoonfuls into mashed potatoes
Spread on toasted Italian bread
Stir into soup
Mix with softened butter for a spread
Blend into salsa
Stir into hot pasta with some butter and cream

The possibilities are as wild as your imagination. :)

So, here are your easy peasy steps by way of photos...

Preheat oven or toaster oven (cuts down on the heat!) to 400.  Double fold a piece of foil to achieve a big 2 layer square (about 12x12), and set on your counter.

Using your thumb, "push" the papery outside layer off of the garlic head.  Keep cloves intact.

 With a paring knife, cut just the tops off each clove (don't go for perfection here), just to expose the garlic a little bit.

Place heads of garlic in center of foil square and drizzle with just a WEEeeeee bit of olive oil.

Fold up foil in any way that works for you.  Seal just the edges, but allow for a "pocket of air" in there, don't press it against the garlic.

Pop this in your oven and bake for about 40-50 minutes.  40 minutes works in my toaster oven perfectly.  To test if it's done, a sharp knife should slide easily into a clove.

Remove garlic to cooling rack and let cool so you can handle it.  I like to put the foil under the rack to catch any oil drops.

Starting at the base, squeeze each clove (like a tube of toothpaste) and pop the pulp into a container.

This is the what you get with 3 decent sized heads of garlic.

Seal and refrigerate until you use it.  It should store in the fridge for several days.

Please leave a comment if you read this post, and let me know if you have ever roasted garlic before, if so, how did you use it?  If you haven't done so, how would you use it if you ever tried?

Have a beautiful day!

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