Monday, January 20, 2014

Chocolate Oatmeal no bake cookies - healthy!

My dear friend, Tara asked if I could update the traditional recipe for these no-bake yummies by replacing the sugar (2 CUPS!!!) with a healthy option.

Dates have long been a great sweet substitute for sugar in recipes that they can work in (not necessarily cake or frosting!) :).  So, I set out to my kitchen and whipped these up.

The texture is not the same as the original (which are sweet enough to peel the enamel straight off your teeth).  They stick together nicely, but are not as liquid.  The flavor is a rich chocolate flavor, but definitely not an overly sweet taste.  You'll be able to eat a couple of these and save the rest for later.  Nice treat!

There is coconut oil and coconut in this recipe, but they do not taste like coconut.

Here's to healthy yumminess!!! Hoorah!

For the easily printable recipe, click HERE.

I ground up the dates and 1/2 the coconut together (the coconut helps the dates not to become gooey and clumpy in your processor).

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