Monday, October 20, 2008

Maseca Tortillas

These are the best way to serve and enjoy South American Tacos. Traditionally these are patted out by hand and cooked one by one on a cast iron skillet. To save time and my sanity, I have made this a bit easier.


Maseca (sold where the flour is)
1 plastic sandwich baggie
rolling pin
Electric Pancake Griddle
Foil and dish towels to keep the tortillas soft and warm

Cut the sandwich baggie along the edges, so that you have two even squares of plastic. Prepare a basket or dish with 2 folded dish towels on bottom, a large folded pocket of foil, and topped with two folded dish towels. Pour about 2-3 cups of maseca into a large bowl. Add water and mix with your hands until you get a consistency similar to playdough, but a bit moister. Heat your griddle to 375.
Take a golf ball sized lump of "dough" and place it in the center of one piece of plastic. Top with other plastic square. Press a bit. Roll with pin carefully to make about 1/8 inch thick. Remove top layer, and turn onto griddle. Repeat to cover griddle with 4-6 tortillas, each time you add one, turn the others. They are done when you see a brown spot or two. Place each tortilla in the middle layer of foil and keep snug and warm.

These take a while to make, but they are worth it for the traditional taste of the meal.


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