Monday, January 16, 2012

Fire Roasted White Chicken Chili

Last month  when we hosted our son’s engagement party, a dear friend brought over White Chicken Chili.  It smelled wonderful and everyone ranted about how delicious it was.  However, I was warned not to eat it myself as I can only tolerate so much heat in food and it was said to be hotter n’ hot.  Smile
However, it left me intrigued to find a recipe to make for myself.  It sounded so good and I wanted to try it too! Smile
I searched the internet and found a couple of recipes that sparked my interest.  I made some  changes to make it more my style and this is what I ended up with.  It was delicious, and just kicky enough to make my nose run, but not so kicky that I couldn’t taste all the wonderful flavors melding together. 
WARNING:  When melting cheese into a soup, be sure it is on low heat.  Allow your shredded cheese to come to room temperature and add it a little at a time, stirring to melt.  Do not let the soup heat up after that.  Once it’s melted you are done…unless you want globs of goo instead of melted cheese…your choice. Smile  Don’t ask how I know this…sigh.

For the Printable Recipe, click here.
Heat your olive oil in a dutch oven or heavy pot over medium heat…
Chop up your onion into a nice dice
Add to the pot and stir it around to coat…
Using your handy-dandy garlic press, add a couple or 3 garlic cloves to the pot. 
While that sautes nicely, chop up your Roasted Poblano Peppers…go here to learn how to roast them… or just open up 2-4oz cans. Smile
When your onions and garlic look like this…all nice and golden…
Dump in the chilis!  Chiles?  Chilly’s? Smile
Take a bottle of good quality white wine and pour a decent amount into the pot…this is the part that throw it over the top for me.  Ok, don’t go crazy, about 1/4 – 1/2 cup should do. Smile  Let that simmer for 2-3 minutes.
While that simmers, chop up your chicken.P1150447
Go here if you wanna know how I seasoned my chicken.
Throw your chicken in the pot.
Add the seasonings, and stir it up.
Action shot.. Smile
Pour in your broth.  As you can see, I was using what I had on hand…I had to use up some beef broth…so NOT so “white” chili. Smile
Cover the pot and let that simmer for 30 minutes.
Shred your cheese and let it sit at room temp for the whole time your soup simmers.  Trust me here, I did not do this…sigh.  Let your yogurt/sour cream sit at room temp too!
Turn heat to low, add cheese to the pot a little at a time, so it melts nicely and does not turn into the “Blob”…
I stirred like crazy until I realized I could not undo my mistake and I would be eating cheese blobs.  It still tasted fantastic.  I can’t wait to make it the right way, lol
Once the cheese is melted, gently stir in the yogurt (or sour cream).  You are now done.  Get your toppings ready and get ready to EAT!
Hey, while that soup was cooking I threw in a dish of cheesy cornbread, because chili and cornbread kinda go together. Smile

Get cookin’!

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