Saturday, November 17, 2012

Texas Transplant Chili and Cheesy Poblano Cornbread!

My brother would be ashamed of me…really he would.  I put BEANS in his chili…. sigh… BUT it was SO good!  It warmed my Florida livin’ tummy to the core. Smile

This cornbread…oh, the scent!  The crusty crust…the cheeziness, and corniness and poblanoness!
Did you know that “real” chili does not have beans?  It doesn’t have ground beef either…much less ground Turkey…it should really have chunks of beef….stew meat style… did you know that? Smile  I did, but I rebelled anyway…. AND it was SO good.
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Call me a rebel.  Go ahead.  I won’t cry. 
Click on these titles to get the easy smeasy printable recipes.
Texas Transplant Chili
Cheesy Poblano Cornbread
Do you smell that?  Oh, that’s the chili simmering while the cornbread cooks…oh dear…what a wonderful smell! 
Go fill your kitchen with that smell right now!

This chili was delicious!  AND quick and easy. … and a might bit better for you than the original award winning chili-cookoff recipe that my brother has shared with me (SSHhhhhhhh…don’t tell him, I did NOT use the entire package of bacon he calls for!)… I didn’t use any…I’m a rebel with a healthy heart. Smile
One day I’ll make his recipe just for kicks and share it with you.  I might not be able to eat it myself because it will be KICKIN’ HOT…but I will have others taste it.  Until then…this is what’s for dinner…and it was SO good!

Go warm some tummies!!

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